Boundaries and Professionalism in Cuddle Therapy

I strive to provide my services to the highest possible standards of professionalism.

Within Cuddle Therapy, this looks like is having a strict code of conduct which you will be required to agree to and abide by.

Some details of what is expected of you can be found in the FAQ’s section within the Compassionate Touch tab on my website but I will email you a Cuddle Contract prior to the session.

Items listed in my Cuddle Contract are NOT up for negotiation.

As well as the obvious physical boundaries I also have other boundaries in place. These include things like not contacting the cuddle therapist (me) between bookings unless it is directly related to the booking. Remember this is a strictly professional relationship. I am also a busy woman and value my private and family time.

With that in mind here are some reasons I don’t follow up an email:

  • You begin your email with “Hi babe” – I am not your “babe”.
  • If your email just says “hi” – hmm, is that how you enquire about the services of any other professional?
  • You simply request “more details” – if you are interested in my services be more specific. Wherever you found my contact details you will also find a link to my website where you will be able to read enough information to answer most of your questions. Remember I’m also an End of Life Doula, a Meditation Teacher and a Laughter Yoga Teacher.
  • If there are any red flags in our communications whether it is your first email or last this will be where our communication ends.

I strive to make it clear what is acceptable and what it not.

What Cuddle Therapy is about and what it is not.

There is no room for misunderstanding.

Cuddle Therapy is beautiful, deep work. It requires closeness to varying degrees and if I feel that you won’t respect my boundaries, don’t understand the concept of boundaries or if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe for any reason I will let you know that you are not a good fit for my service.

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