Your Journey Begins

With This Moment

Join me, as we explore together, the human condition through laughter, inner stillness and touch.

Life consists only of moments, nothing more than that. So if you make the moment matter, it all matters.

Ellen Langer


This Moment Matters brings together my work with laughter, meditation and touch.

It explores the idea that, rather than constantly striving for something different, we spend some quality time with the moment that is here, with ourselves and, in doing so, have a much richer human experience. One of radical acceptance, authenticity and togetherness in which we can flourish and grow.

My practices have evolved and seen shifts aligned with my work as an End of Life Doula which honours living fully even in the process of dying and it feels right and appropriate that I share with you that my work is rooted in this concept. I think of myself as an eternal student of death and life and I bring the snippets of wisdom that I learn along the way to my teachings.

At the heart of all my work is the idea that “this moment matters”.

So, if you wish to share in this journey and into the realms of your human-ness the adventure begins here.

Journey into the open and expansive experience of Meditation

And discover the beauty of meeting yourself and this moment.

Explore the landscape of Laughter for Wellbeing

What is waiting for you when you invite and open yourself up to experience playfulness in your body and mind?

Wander into the realms of Compassionate Touch and experience what it’s like to be held in all that you are.

Cuddle Therapy is pioneering and heart-centred work that uses therapeutic, healing touch and human connection as a tool for wellbeing.

Upcoming Destinations

From being fully in your body with laughter to being in the inner stillness of a sitting meditation or the gentle sway of a moving meditation, to the warmth of being held.

Whatever you choose of my offerings I will journey with you.

Don’t leave any of yourself behind because all of you is welcome.

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Upcoming Classes, Events and Training

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Deep Listening the Doula Way

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Tending To Grief

Grief focussed meditations

Hospice Laughter Workshop Training

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“Find a moment of stillness, give your heart a chance to tell you where you really need to be”